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Schroon Lake Gas & Mining Company

(Notes taken from the Warrensburg News by Edith B. Clifford, past Town of Horicon Historian)

Feb. 5, 1891:  Schroon Lake Gas and Mining Co. filed certificate of incorporation in the office of Secretary of State.  Formed to care for and develop oil, gas and minerals in the vicinity of Schroon Lake. Capitalized at $25,000.  The company leased 1200 acres in the vicinity and will begin operations in the spring, by C.F. Taylor and Dudley of Witherbee-Sherman Co.  Search for gas will be near Adirondack and oil, back of the Leland House in Schroon Lake Village.

April 23, 1891:  Plans have been changed to bore for gas in Valley between Schroon Lake and Paradox.  Oil will be searched for opposite C.W. Taylors.  It has been traced to shore.

Oct. 29, 1891:  Schroon Lake agitated.  Derrick 74 feet high with 13000 foot of lumber, 25 h.p. Boiler put in position and a 20 h.p. reversible engine set up.  Experts say there will be plenty.  Territory is located at 45th belt line of gas and oil.

Jan. 1892:  In anticipation of the petroleum which is to gush from the earth in various parts of town, street lamps have arrived and will soon be in full blaze, illuminating our streets with a glare akin to day (sorry, I am not sure whether this was Adirondack or Brant Lake, I think it was in the Horicon News ebc)

March 3, 1894:  Schroon Lake Oil and Mining Co. Still searching for oil about 2 miles east of Adirondack Village.  Bore abut 25 feet a day and have about 500 feet.

Sept. 15, 1894:  Boring still going on at Adirondack.  1270 feet now.

April 15, 1894:  Some Horicon men working on oil well at Schroon.  Now down 2000 feet reached.  Work resumed.

This went on with no success as far as I can tell.  The old residents seem to know nothing about it (ebc)

April 1920: Work to begin on oil fields at Schoon, L.W. and J. A. Emerson, backers.

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